Cannabis NB Blamed its $2M First Quarter Loss on the Illicit Market

Raids on unlicensed dispensaries are heating up across the country. But according to New Brunswick’s Crown cannabis corporation Cannabis NB, illicit dispensaries remain the legal industry’s’ greatest competitor. Cannabis NB lost $11.7M in its first six months, then followed that by reporting a $2.2M loss for the first quarter of 2019. The University of New […]

Health Canada Isn’t Too Worried About Canadian Producers on Snapchat

At the start of August, a short-research firm called Friendly Bear attempted an attack to bring down Hexo’s share price, claiming that Hexo ads run on Snapchat were a scandal worthy of the name “CannTrust 2.0.” Friendly Bear argued Snapchat was “synonymous with teenagers” and that by using slogans “A Fresh Spark” and “Are You […]

Alberta Leads the Country with 254 Licensed Adult-Use Retailers

When Alberta ends a moratorium, they’re serious about it. The province began the year with applications for new cannabis retail licenses frozen, which retailers claimed cost them millions. In January, Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis said even if they lifted the moratorium, delays related to background checks and bureaucratic snags would mean stores couldn’t open […]

Quebec Sets Sights on Topicals Ban at SQDC Stores

Buried between the Quebec government’s $300M threat to edibles/beverages and its bizarre opposition to extracts (which will be capped at 30%, effectively banning vape pens and hashish in the province) was an all-out ban on topical cannabis products. Health Minister Lionel Carmant concluded, “The topical creams are usually a medicinal use, so we don’t think […]

Vancouver Island Compassion Society Closes After 20 Years

The Vancouver Island Compassion Society (VICS) closed its doors for the last time after 20 years of providing cannabis to the sick and ailing. The organization closed its doors with no particular fanfare, noting the threat of serious fines or seizure of property designed to force organizations like theirs to shut down. Serving more than […]

You Can Bring Cannabis to Osheaga, but Only If It’s Sealed

Osheaga is always one of Montreal’s biggest summer musical events, occurring in the 662-acre Parc Jean Drapeau. Rather than attempt to insist Montrealers, Quebec’s most enthusiastic cannabis consumers, not to smoke cannabis while at Osheaga, the festival has instead made only one demand of attendees: if you bring cannabis, it has to be a legal […]

WeedMD Announces Partnership With Ignite Cannabis, Sparks Backlash

In May, a lavish GrowthOp profile of WeedMD found the Ontario producer “big on gender equality,” with a gender-balanced c-suite, 38% female directors, 50% female managers and supervisors, and a 49% female workforce. Bragging rights to a company as gender-balanced as that don’t come easily. But thanks to a deal announced on Thursday, it seems they might […]

CAFE Customer Charged With Possession of 1 Gram of Illicit Cannabis

Toronto media has watched in wonder over last two weeks as bylaw officers and police used concrete blocks to bar the entrance to all locations of the CAFE chain of unlicensed dispensaries. During the first cement-blockings of CAFE locations two weeks ago, an evicted tenant got into a shoving match with police as they seized his belongings. […]