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WallStreetBets have turned their attention to weed

With a new administration seemingly open to marijuana legalization and more and more states taking action themselves, stocks for cannabis companies within and outside the country feel like solid bets. Therefore cue the WSB army, who just last month ransacked the stock price of Gamestop, AMC, Nokia, and others, leaving very little behind. In particular, Sundial (SNDL), Tilray (TLRY), and aphria (APHA) have come under intense Reddit scrutiny. Just yesterday, Tilray, a Canadian cannabis company, had its stock rise 36%. However, with the attention of WallStreetBets also comes volatility, and today the stock is plunging back down, now under 41% of where it opened. And attention already seems to be waning, with many on the subreddit eyeing Bumble as their next victim. Hopefully, this will leave the cannabis sector to itself and back to normalizing, where it’s incremental yet steady climb will continue throughout the year.

Citizens of New Jersey are getting impatient

An interesting article written in that sheds light on the arrests happening over marijuana despite the state voting to legalize it in November. “Someone should remind Gov. Murphy, because it’s the end of January and thousands are still being busted for pot. In November alone more than 2,100 New Jerseyans were arrested for marijuana. In December, it was 1,700. Odd, weed doesn’t feel legal?” Read the original at

Legal Psychedelic Mushrooms may be on their way to Hawaii

Of all the fun places to do mushrooms, Hawaii seems high on the list. Well, the State Senate took note, and a new bill introduced by multiple senators aims to do just that. Like Oregon, the bill would create a therapeutic environment around the mushrooms and remove it from its Schedule I listing in the Controlled Substances Act. This has yet to be scheduled for a hearing, but seems like another good sign that psychedelics are quickly following in marijuana’s footsteps.

LA County Board of Supervisors Approves Plan to Pilot Life-Saving Overdose Prevention Programs

  Baton is Now in the Hands of State Legislators to Pass SB 57 this Session January 26, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – Today, in response to the Los Angeles County Board of...

Ask a budtender: how do I make my family understand cannabis is medicine?

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What is a “zip” of weed?

When it comes to measurements and prices of weed, lots of slang and lingo get tossed around. The post What is a "zip" of weed? appeared first on Weedmaps News.

Arizona: Adult Use Marijuana Sales Begin

“I commend state officials for prioritizing the implementation of Prop. 207 and ensuring that Arizona adults have safe and convenient access to affordable marijuana in a timely manner.” The post Arizona: Adult Use Marijuana Sales Begin appeared first on NORML.