Hemp clothing is the way of the future. The material puts common cotton in the dust. Hemp, unlike cotton is known for staying stink-free just like wool. Hemp fibers also last significantly longer than cotton shirts leading to a more environmentally friendly type of clothing. Hemp as a plant is also naturally insect-resistant and requires a fraction of the water that cotton products do. Generally, hemp, with the help of some industrialization could be the future of the clothes we wear every day.

Blair Braverman is a blogger, adventurer, and nonfiction writer. In 2019 she completed a 1,000-mile dogsled race in Alaska. Through all her time adventuring she learned what clothing material best fits her. Blair recently wrote an article for Outside magazine, highlighting the benefits of hemp clothing along with some of her personal favorite hemp pieces. These pieces she included range from sweatpants to underwear. Blaire’s contribution to the hemp fashion industry is one of many, showing how far the hemp clothing industry has come. Hopefully sometime soon, companies will make the switch to hemp, reducing the water usage, waste, and carbon footprint that clothing companies make on the Earth.

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