Canada’s cannabis sales from 2021 exceeded CA$3.9 billion. This is substantially larger than in 2020 when sales were roughly CA$2.6 billion. Canada has the worlds second largest cannabis market next to the US. Although sales are expected to slow down in 2022, the country will still hold the title due to the sheer love for cannabis in the north.

According to a federal data agency, Statistics Canada, the 2021 numbers show a 50% year-over-year growth from the CA$2.6 billion made in 2020. When breaking down the sales by province, the numbers are as follows.

  • Ontario: $1.47 billion
  • Alberta: $716.7 million
  • Quebec: $601 million
  • British Columbia: $556.2 million
  • Saskatchewan: $158.3 million
  • Manitoba: $148.8 million
  • Nova Scotia: $95.5 million
  • New Brunswick: $80.4 million
  • Newfoundland $60.7 million

Throughout the year, sales steadily increased with a record $382.4 million in sales coming from December alone. Many experts believe that although records have been broken, sales will grow less and less each passing year. Statistically, 2020’s year-over-year growth was at 61% while 2021’s was only at 50%. This number is expected to be around 40% by the end of 2022.

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