The brand COAST is producing high-quality CBD smokes in hopes of redefining the term ‘Smoke break’. COAST produces a California grown organic hemp CBD form of cigarette which is healthier than the tobacco alternative. The main ingredient in these smokes is CBD, which is non addictive and contains zero harmful chemicals or carcinogens. These smokes also perform the physical duty of cigarettes by allowing users to maintain the motion of smoking a cigarette without inhaling the harmful carcinogens.

“We recognize that smokers are ritualistic and habitual in their smoking behavior. That’s why we designed the most potent CBD pack on the market with the familiar form and function that tobacco cigarette smokers know well,” said COAST Founder Max. “Since nicotine is known to increase anxiety, replacing this habit with a potent CBD smoke actually calms and decreases anxiety, making the transition from tobacco to hemp far easier and guilt-free.”

COASTS product line has two types of these smokes, one variety is a 20 pack with 100mg of CBD per roll with multiple flavors including original and menthol. The second variant has 10 rolls per pack with 50mg of Delta-8 per roll, available in Berry, Pineapple and Cherry.

These smokes are available on COAST’s website at $9.99 per pack. They are also available in wholesale by contacting COAST directly.

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