After many successful years on television, Conan O’Brien is finally retiring. Since he is retiring, he has become more and more loose with what he does on live television. In his most recent episode of the late show, he hosted Seth Rogen and proceeded to smoke a joint with him on live television.

Conan explained to Seth that he does not smoke weed not simply because he does not like it, but because he does not have anything happen to him when he does. This banter prompted Seth to pull one of his own joints out of his pocket and share it with the night show legend.

Seth seemed to thoroughly enjoy sharing a joint with Conan and was more than happy to supply him with whatever he needed. Seth even offered to guide him in his journey through casually smoking weed in his personal life.

After the show, Seth tweeted, “I smoked weed with @ConanOBrien his show and was legit terrified that I got him too high haha.”

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