Dominique Dawes, the retired American gymnast has stated on CNN that she backs the decision of the Olympic committee to suspend Sha’Carri Richardson by saying ‘Rules are Rules’. The three-time Olympic gold medalist Dominique Dawes appeared on Cuomo Prime Time and spoke about Richardson. Richardson was banned a couple weeks ago for testing positive for marijuana, possibly disqualifying her from the upcoming Olympic games.

“Well, Chris [Cuomo], like you said, rules are rules. And you’re speaking to an Olympic gymnast, and we are very particular, and we are rule followers for most cases.” Dawes also stated, “I do think, you know, because it is a current rule, they need to follow the rule, and unfortunately that does mean that Richardson will not be competing in these Olympic games.”

Dawes also explained that she is a stickler for the rules because, “My last Olympic games, there were rules out with regards to the age that an athlete had to be,” Dawes said. “However, Chinese gymnasts were underage, and that truly affected myself and my teammates from getting on the podium and getting a bronze medal during the 2000 Olympic games. So I’m a rule-follower.”

Following a positive test for marijuana, Richardson admitted to smoking marijuana after her mother’s death. When interviewed about the subject, Richardson said, “I understand the situation that’s going on. So, I’m accepting of it, and I just know what I have to do moving forward in my career.”

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