Three Kentucky Democrats have introduced a bill to legalize cannabis to adults over 21. Senate Minority Floor Leader Morgan McGarvey, Sen. David Yates and Rep. Rachel Roberts introduced the legislation this Thursday. This bill is competing with a Republican backed bill that is looking to legalize medical marijuana only. Currently there are 37 states in the US that have some sort of legalization in motion, Kentucky is looking to be the 38th.

“Our legislation is the comprehensive plan that Kentuckians deserve, and it builds on what’s worked in other states while avoiding their mistakes,” Roberts said. “Kentucky continues to fall behind in an area where we could be leading,” said McGarvey. “It is 2022. It’s time we end the prohibition on cannabis in Kentucky.”

This bill would also expand funding for treatment of substance abuse disorders and reserve a portion of the proceeds for scholarship programs. Since the start of 2022, Democrats have held a minority in both chambers of the state’s government. They have stated that cannabis legalization would be a top priority by the end of the year. Expect more updates to come.

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