Not too long-ago Mexico was bringing illegal weed into the states for American consumers to purchase. Today in the year 2021, the tables have turned. Record amounts of legal weed, grown and packaged in California is now heading south to the border for drug dealers to distribute.

Currently, weed is still illegal to possess and sell in the country of Mexico. Due to recreational and medical cannabis being legal in the state of California, many are looking to make profit by smuggling the drug over the southern border. Unlike when weed was smuggled into the states by mule, speedboat or plane, smuggling weed into Mexico has a different story. Since border security is looser when heading into Mexico, many people in southern California simply drive the weed across. According to The Washington Post, just recently, a car was stopped from entering Tijuana with 5,600 jars of THC infused gummies. Although this one car was caught, it was reported that relatively few traffickers are stopped.

Currently in the country of Mexico, many people want to smoke the finest weed that they see Californian’s smoking. This increase in demand has spiked the price for Californian weed as well as the overall demand. As of 2021, Mexico’s government has reduced penalties for cultivation of cannabis for personal use but have yet to legalize the commercial market. The government has issued statements saying they wish to regulate the industry, but that will not come for another couple years.

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