Majority Of Cannabis Consumers Are Now Purchasing From Dispensaries Instead of Dealers

Over half of consumers of cannabis are now purchasing their weed through brick-and-mortar retailers. Just a few short years ago many of these consumers were buying their cannabis through the black market. Now, with legal weed in most of the state’s many are choosing to get their goods through dispensaries.

52% of respondents are choosing to get their weed from legal stores according to a new study from Norml. In contrast, only 6% of respondents said they were buying cannabis from “dealers”. One third of respondents said their cannabis comes from friends or families. Gifting cannabis is very legal and often a prime choice for cannabis consumers.

Nationally, over 43% of cannabis consumers get their weed from retailers. This number was only 34% a year ago. Those who worked on the study at Norml suggest that many of those who live in states with weed still being illegal travel to neighboring states to purchase from legal retailers.

“These data indicate that the legal, regulated cannabis market is displacing the underground marketplace,” NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said. “Over time, consumers are becoming more comfortable with and more reliant upon licensed retailers – who offer greater convenience, product quality, and safety.”

Canada’s research on the topic also has seen similar results with many more people buying from actual dispensaries instead of black-market dealers.

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