Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. the current leader in the market for whole-plant hemp extract products just announced that they have taken on Wessel Booysen as their new Chief Financial Advisor. Booysen is a high-level executive with many years under his belt managing internal expansion and financial leadership. Prior to Working at Charlotte’s Web, he worked for the Molson Coors beverage company for over a decade, helping the company rise to where it is today.

Charlotte’s Web has said that over the next decade, with the help of Booysen, they wish to expand their company internationally, bringing their products to shelves across the globe. They expect Booysen to bring a level of leadership and skills that are “Well-suited for our international expansion initiatives and visionary culture,” said Deanie Elsner, CEO of Charlotte’s Web.

The current CFO of Charlotte’s Web, Russ Hammer, will retire in August and will assist in Booysen’s transition onto the team. During these two months he will serve as Senior Executive advisor to the new CFO and help with any transitional needs. In a statement put out by Elsner, she stated, “We are grateful to Russ for his enormous commitment and contribution to fully prepare the Company’s financial reporting systems for the next chapter in our international growth plan, and we all wish him the best in his well-deserved retirement plans,”.

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