Looking for contemporary style and Japanese tradition? Look no further. Nike has released a new pair of shoes that combine both the old fashion Japanese style and the high-end design of new style sneakers.

The “ISPA Drifter Indigo” are Nike’s newest limited-edition kicks that incorporate a blue design made from cork and hemp. The shoes also consist of suede and represent an indigo blue traditionally from the Japanese indigo plant.

These fancy kicks also feature a toe split which also comes from traditional Japanese footwear. If you are looking to get your hands on a pair it won’t be cheap. Each pair sells for roughly $550 from Nike. Resellers will be listing the shoes for much higher prices on places like StockX.  Worried about not having split toed socks? When you buy the shoe, it also includes a pair of indigo socks that include a toe split.

The shoes will be available starting August 31st at 9am and are limited to one pair per customer. Good luck getting your hands on these hot shoes because they won’t be around for long.

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