During November of 2021, armored cars were carrying over $700,000 in cash belonging to licensed marijuana dispensaries. These armored cars were pulled over and searched by local law enforcement, leading to them seizing every dollar. A few weeks later in December, the same thing happened, this time with only $350,000. The seized funds were then turned over to the FBI, totaling over $1 million in legal marijuana cash taken by the government. The FBI’s statement on the matter is that they are keeping the money and even sharing some of it with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

The FBI claims that this money has been tied with illegal drugs and money laundering, but no unlawful activities have been disclosed nor has anyone been charged. Obviously, the marijuana companies want their money back, but the Sheriff’s department says they did nothing wrong. Many are comparing this to a case in Los Angeles where the FBI seized millions worth of valuables from safe deposit boxes. Eventually the money was returned after the government was unable to provide evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

The case is being looked at currently and we are unsure whether criminal charges will arise, or the companies will get their money back. Time will tell.

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