In the UK and Russia, Papa Johns has unveiled a new menu item, the Hemp Sticks. These bread sticks made with hemp are made from their signature garlic pizza stick sprinkled with hemp seeds as the toppings. In Russia, the hemp sticks will include garlic sauce while in the UK they will also include mozzarella.

These new hemp sticks are packed with a ton of protein, making it more desirable as a “healthy snack”.  “With the launch of Hemp Sticks, Papa Johns has become the first global quick-service brand to make superfood hemp available to all,” QSR Magazine quoted Papa Johns vice president of international marketing, Jo Blundell, as saying. “Premium, innovative ingredients are the very core of our pizzas, so Hemp Sticks will offer pizza fans a new way to enjoy our iconic breadsticks and help to dispel some of the misunderstanding surrounding this 100% legal, delicious seed.”

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