Multiple Republican lawmakers have been very vocal towards President Biden and VP Harris about their “lack of action” and “Continued silence” on marijuana reform. According to Marijuanamoment, Reps. Dave Joyce (OH) and Don Young (AK) asked president Biden to take steps to reclassify marijuana under the Controlled Substance Act this July. As of December, they are yet to hear any response from the President.

Additionally, 37 lawmakers sent a letter in February, asking the President to use executive powers to issue mass pardons for those locked up for marijuana convictions. They are still yet to hear a response and have sent follow-up letters within the last few weeks.

“With nearly two thirds of Americans in agreement on the need for federal cannabis reform, your administration must begin to seriously engage on the topic, regardless of where you stand…Your continued silence speaks volumes.” Said republican lawmakers in a recent letter to the president.

Hopefully we will see within the next few months some drastic reform regarding marijuana and federal law. With pressure from both sides of the isle, the president must act for the sake of his popularity, especially with mid-terms right around the corner.

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