Washington D.C. might be next on the list to decriminalize controlled substances

In a new poll, DC voters overwhelmingly voiced their support for drug decriminalization. According to MarijuanaMoment, 83% of responders to these polls said that they support having the D.C. council pass ordinance to “remove criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of commonly-used controlled substances consistent with personal use.” Of this 83%, 65% strongly support these propositions. The poll also asked whether participants supported increased funding in “substance use treatment, healthcare, housing, and other services for individuals struggling with addiction, underlying health conditions, or poverty.”

These polls come during a time of great political advocacy. Groups like the Drug Policy Alliance, and Students for Sensible Drug Policy have been advocating for controlled substance decriminalization for quite some time.

Queen Adesuyi, policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance issued this statement on the matter, “Our calls to D.C. Council to introduce and advance #DecrimPovertyDC’s bill proposal is rooted in urgency and support from community members who are also convinced that the drug war has done more harm than good…Washingtonians are genuinely ready for D.C. Council to explore ending arrests for drug use and possession, along with building out a public health infrastructure that could support Washingtonians who need and want help.”

Decriminalization of controlled substances in Washington may come sooner than one might expect. With many groups, voters, and representatives supporting the reforms, D.C. might become the next Oregon.

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