Advertising cannabis on tech giant sites like Google or Facebook is causing problems in today’s day and age. With many states legalizing medicinal and recreational marijuana, people are wondering why they cannot advertise their marijuana products on these sites. This comes at a time when federal legalization is looming, the cannabis industry is booming, and recreational cannabis use is at an all-time high.

According to Google’s fine print, there are some strict rules regarding advertising marijuana.

  • Ads promoting the usage, sale, or information about cannabis is prohibited
  • Medicinal marijuana and recreational marijuana are both prohibited on Google ads
  • CBD and Hemp advertisements are not allowed

An article by Hempindustrydaily has stated that since 2019, Google has been running tests for selected CBD companies. This includes advertising their products. This could open the door for less regulations regarding cannabis advertisements.

Although there are strict regulations on the ads passed by Google, tech savvy companies are finding loopholes to get their promotions to screens. These loopholes include excluding the trigger words that catches Google’s eye. Instead of saying “weed” it can be substituted for “flower” which is significantly less likely to get flagged.

When will cannabis advertising be allowed on sites like Google and Facebook? As of right now, there are no clear indicators as to when these tech giants will allow it. The hope is that with many locations within the US becoming friendlier to weed, these companies will hop on the train. Many experts believe that federal legalization will greatly sway the opinion of these companies. The only thing those who wish to advertise their cannabis products can do at the moment is use loopholes and wait.

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