Activists in the state of Wyoming are working towards some type of marijuana legalization within the state. Currently in the state there is no sort of legalization for marijuana whether recreational or medical. The Wyoming chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is looking to change these state laws.

Starting in September, members will be going door to door asking for signatures to get marijuana legalization on the ballot in early 2022. The deadline to get enough signatures in front of the secretary of state is in February, but members say they will be done before then if all goes to plan.

Within Wyoming, the rule for submitting signatures is a bit tricky. For voters to decide the outcome of legalized marijuana, 15% of voters from at least 16 of the 23 counties need to be submitted. This isn’t the first time Wyoming marijuana activists have attempted this either. In the last two and a half decades, 9 initiatives to get marijuana on the ballot failed.

Currently there are only a few states left in the US who still find marijuana usage illegal. With all of the medical and tax benefits that come with legalization, do you think that Wyoming will legalize com next February?

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