Uber eats is coming to the marijuana delivery market. In a groundbreaking step, customers in Ontario Canada can now purchase marijuana off the Uber East app. The caveat is that they must go pick up the weed after ordering through the app. This new method of buying weed brings corporations one step closer to being able to deliver weed through smartphone apps.

As of Monday (11/22) the app introduced a section for customers to purchase cannabis from the retailer Tokyo Smoke. This is just another way that Canadians can legally attain marijuana. According to CBS News, once the section on the app went live, a ton of orders flooded through.

Customers are required to show proof of identification and age while picking up their cannabis. Uber Eats and Tokyo Smoke both believe that this is a crucial first step in the growing weed market. These two companies believe that this will open the door to delivery services dropping weed off at your door.

Another good part revolving this cannabis delivery is the expected drop in impaired driving. It is estimated that roughly 14% of cannabis users drive within consuming cannabis. This number is from research done by Uber Canada. With the implementation of cannabis delivery, these numbers are expected to drop significantly.

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