Plenty of people want to try cannabis, but they don’t want to put anything into their lungs, so they turn to edibles. Problem is, overdoing edibles can be a matter of a few milligrams of THC, and everyone seems to know someone who’s gone on a psychedelic, homemade brownie journey.

But it’s 2019, and the problem is solved—at least in California where all adults age 21 and over with ID can just online-order precision-dosed baking ingredients like oils, butters, and ghee directly to their doors. There’s about 450 licensed stores and couriers.


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Cook with confidence and get the effects you want with lab-tested ingredients from these leading brands:

Swap store-bought ingredients for your homemade cannabis oil, and bam! Edibles even your grandma can tolerate.

To repeat, for the people in the back: Using ready-made cannabis infused oils and butters eliminates the guesswork involved in THC dosing for home cooks. Otherwise, it takes an analytical lab to precisely calculate the cannabinoid content of the finished products. Read the full details below.

Potli Olive Oil

250 mg THC and 250 mg CBD per 8.45-ounce container

From the makers of Potli cannabis-infused honey, this extra virgin olive oil is fortified with equal amounts of CBD and THCA, the acidic precursor to euphoric THC.

Just 1 teaspoon delivers 5 mg of THCA and 5 mg of CBD, the ideal 1:1 ratio of balanced cannabinoids, perfect for microdosing. Working with this type of cannabinoid profile enables cooks to use the oil to achieve different physiological effects.

Ingesting THCA won’t make a person feel high, so the oil can be used as-is in cold preparations such as salad dressing or dips for wellness benefits sans euphoria. However, when heated at 315°F for one hour, as noted on the metal tin, that THCA converts to THC and you will be high within two hours after eating.


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Add to soups, stews, and sauces with a long simmering time to fully activate all of the THC.

Use your ready-made ingredients to create fantastic recipes such as Coconut Cherry Granola, easy Banana Bread, or gooey Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies.

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500 mg THC per 10-ounce container; also available in 10 mg pouches

“I’ve got 99 problems and coconut oil solved like 86 of them.” Now a popular online meme, this joke pokes fun at how ubiquitous coconut oil is in the natural beauty community, where it’s touted as a makeup remover, lip balm, and body lotion. Known for nourishing the body inside and out, infusing coconut oil with cannabis adds even more healing power to this superfood.

Add to curries, soups, and raw desserts, measuring THC dosage at about 8 mg per teaspoon. Also look for cannabis-infused peanut butter and coated almonds from this award-winning edibles company.

Any cannabis infusion containing over 100 mg of THC is going to be accessible only to California medical patients, due to the new regulations passed in 2018. That means you need a doctor’s note for about $100 and a state medical cannabis ID card—fees and processing time varies by county.

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Om Edibles Olive Oil

marijuana edibles, baking ingredient(Courtesy of Om Edibles)

100 mg THC per 2-ounce container

Drizzle into hummus, pesto, or tomato sauce for a lifted meal courtesy of this slightly more concentrated olive oil infusion; suitable for using when a small amount of oil is called for in a recipe.

Since 2008, female-led Om has taken a different approach to edibles, treating cannabis as a superfood ingredient to integrate into a healthy lifestyle. With about 8 mg of THC per teaspoon (100 mg of THC per bottle), this infused extra virgin olive oil can be purchased by any adult age 21 or older with ID, and it makes a great addition to any conscious kitchen.

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Vireo CBD and THC Olive Oil

50 mg THC per 8-ounce container; 75 mg CBD per container

Driven by chef Luke Reyes, this olive oil is infused with either THC or CBD, enabling people to drizzle small amounts of cannabis onto avocado toast or salads.

With a handy dosing guide on the box, Vireo makes it easy for budding cooks to safely experiment with cannabis by equating 1 teaspoon of oil to 1 mg of THC. With no discernible grassy cannabis taste, Vireo blends seamlessly into any style of food without distracting from the intended flavor of the dish.

Look for Vireo in either THC or CBD blends, available extra virgin or flavored with roasted garlic or meyer lemon.

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1,000 mg THC per 4-ounce container

The adult-use market limits edible products to 10 mg per serving and 100 mg per package, so it’s tougher to source potent products with appropriate portion sizes for medical users who need to ingest much higher doses of THC to relieve chronic pain, insomnia, or nausea from chemo.


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Packing a lot of THC into a small container, this cannabutter delivers about 41 mg per teaspoon, making it ideal for adding to baked goods for patients who want to create potent edibles at home. Equivalent to one stick of butter, this 4 ounces of cannabutter can be melted into a recipe for cereal bars that would yield 15 bars of about 66 mg THC each.

High-dose edibles are only appropriate for people looking to manage pain and others with medical needs not satisfied by low-dose edibles available in the adult-use market.

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1,000 mg THC per 2-ounce container

One of the most highly concentrated cannabis cooking products on the market today, Clarified Confections’ Ghee is an excellent, cost-effective option for medical patients who need to use high doses of THC in small portion sizes. Use just 1 teaspoon to add 80 mg of THC to any meal.

Similar to clarified butter, ghee has been cooked longer to remove all water content, leaving the remaining fat with a nutty taste and a long shelf life. Since the milk solids have been removed, ghee is suitable for people who are sensitive to lactose.

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