Colorado hemp producer and CBD maker Charlotte’s Web on Tuesday revealed the latest farm art installation in a campaign to promote hemp for consumer health.

Charlotte’s Web unveiled part three of its “Trust The Earth” campaign, a 76-acre farm art installation in McPherson, Kansas, as part of an effort launched in October 2019 to break down barriers and open up access to “the power of hemp for health.”

According to Charlotte’s Web, the “Trust the Earth” campaign’s purpose is to raise awareness of the need for improved and equal access to hemp-derived CBD products for all U.S. consumers in every state.

“This art is the visual and naturally living embodiment of Charlotte’s Web’s mission to unleash the healing powers of botanicals …. And, we hope this inspires many to join us in fighting for sound federal and state regulations,” said Deanie Elsner, CEO of Charlotte’s Web in a company statement.

The original public art display, produced in collaboration with Studio Number One, a creative agency founded by artist Shepard Fairey, was “grown and mown” on more than 3 million square feet of farmland, requiring a farmer to mow for one week using global positioning technology to guide the process.

The final field art, installed by Precision Mazes, required a local farmer’s plane to photograph the entire field art installation.

“Through this powerful artwork, we experience a coalition between earth and humanity, and our journey to create sustainable, natural wellness…In the case of hemp, revolutionary wellness,” said Jared Stanley, Charlotte’s Web chief cultivation officer and co-founder.

“Our purpose is to ignite conversations that open access to hemp in all states that have yet to provide this choice,”

Charlotte’s Web trades as CWEB on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Canadian Securities Exchange.

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