When it comes to weed, needing to know how to roll a joint is slowing becoming a thing of the past. 

As the cannabis industry continues to blossom, companies have begun using technology to create new methods of cannabis consumption such as vape pens and smart vaporizers, while putting spins on old methods with prerolls and edibles

But rather than inventing new ways to enjoy weed, Banana Brothers has released the OTTO, a $130 crafty cone-filling machine that aims to make the joint smoking experience faster, less sticky, and more enjoyable. 

Automatic joint rollers aren’t a new concept to weed smokers, but the OTTO does much more than help with the rolling process. Compatible with fillable king-size cones, the Banana Brothers’ OTTO handles most of the dirty work, using smart technology to grind up the weed and evenly deposit it into the cone, resulting in an evenly shaped joint that leads to a slow, well-balanced burn.  

What is the Banana Brothers’ OTTO Cone Filling Machine? 

The OTTO is designed to fill king-sized cones with finely ground weed. While prerolled cones are easy to make into joints, the method of loading in flower is cumbersome and can lead to a sticky mess and improperly packed joint. 

The Banana Brothers’ OTTO can be broken down into two main parts: the grinder and the plastic attachment. 

The top half of the OTTO is the grinder, which is where the power button and USB charger are located. A release button on the side causes the base to split in half like a pearl, revealing a built-in motorized grinder made from aerospace-engineered aluminum milling plates.

The O-Tube sachet holder at right keeps the cone in place while the Banana Brothers OTTO fills the cone with ground flower. (Photo by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

According to Banana Brothers, this grinder utilizes smart technology to “expertly mill” flower, leading to finely ground herb that fills up every crevice of the cone. The technology is capable of detecting density, moisture level, texture, and consistency of flower, using that data to adjust the pressure, speed, and direction of the automated grinder.  

Mounted to the base using a magnetic dock, the bottom half of the OTTO houses a plastic attachment that holds the O-Tube sachet holder, which holds the cone while the device fills it with the freshly milled flower. The joint can be quickly taken out and twisted up, leaving users with clean hands and a king-size cone that has no air pockets, eliminating common joint-rolling frustrations such as canoeing.  

In addition to the cone filling machine itself, the Banana Brothers’ OTTO also comes with 20 fillable cones, a four-in-one cleaning tool, USB charging cable, measuring cup, and protective snap cap for travel or storage. 

How Do You Use the Banana Brothers’ OTTO?

Using the Banana Brothers’ OTTO is pretty easy so long as you have the right starting materials: king-size cones and enough flower.

Banana Brothers OTTO takes most of the difficulty and guesswork out of rolling a joint. Consumers just open the device, fill it with nugs, and turn the appliance on. (Photo by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

Considering Banana Brothers claims that the OTTO “grinds and fills a perfect cone every time at the touch of a button,” you can imagine the steps to using the device are kept to a minimum. However, while smart technology takes care of the hard parts, there’s still some manual steps that you must undertake as well. 

Here are the steps to explain how the Banana Brothers’ OTTO works: 

  1. Separate the base from the plastic attachment. Open up the base to access the grinder and load your nugs into the chamber. 
  2. Once the flower has been placed inside the grinder, close up the base of the device until you hear a click.
  3. Taking the plastic attachment, carefully drop the cone inside of the O-Tube sachet holder. Check to make sure there are no creases or dents in the paper that could obstruct the herb from filling the joint.  
  4. After the flower has been loaded into the milling chamber and the cone has been inserted, connect the two parts. The top of plastic attachment is embedded with magnets, allowing for quick and easy docking. Once the base and attachment are securely attached, set the OTTO down on a flat surface.  
  5. Hold down the button on the base for about two second or until the battery indicator lights up. The flower will be quickly milled and deposited into the cone joint.  
  6. The OTTO will stop the milling process after the flower is completely ground. Lightly tap the silicone base on the table to shake out any gunked-up herb into the cone. Disconnect the plastic attachment from the base and push up the sachet holder to remove the joint. 
  7. Tap the filter tip of the cone on a hard surface to pack down the weed and twist or enclose the tip of the joint with your fingers. 
Marijuana or joint-rolling novices, as well as patients who would find making their own joints difficult or painful, would find the Banana Brothers OTTO worth the $130 price tag. (Photo by Gina Coleman/Weedamps)

To turn off the OTTO, hold the power button down for two seconds. 

Keeping Your Banana Brothers’ OTTO Clean

High quality, trichome-coated flower can be a sticky, icky mess, and while the Banana Brothers OTTO keeps this weed residue off of your hands, it does leave behind cannabis-based debris that will eventually need to be cleaned. The auto-roller comes with a versatile, easy-to-use cleaning tool that makes it a bit easier to clear out every nook and cranny of the OTTO. 

A majority of the leftover stickiness will be confined to the grinder and O-Tube sachet holder, although some kief may also get caked to the walls of the plastic attachment.  

What’s the Appeal? 

The Banana Brothers’ OTTO is not a necessity for every stoner’s collection of accessories, but it does offer a convenient method to producing the perfect joint. Seasoned stoners who have mastered rolling a joint will probably think the $129.99 price tag is too high for a device that performs a task they already know — not to mention the care and maintenance that the OTTO requires. 

Banana Brothers’ OTTO makes a king-size cone with finely ground herb and no air pockets. (Photo by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

On the other hand, people who are new to joint-rolling, medical patients, or tech-minded stoners who would benefit from having such an automated device, would likely find the Banana Brothers’ OTTO to be easy to use and a worthwhile investment, so long as they remember to keep the device clean and use it with care. 

Feature image: Banana Brothers aims to take the challenge out of rolling a joint with its OTTO, an automatic cone-filling machine. (Photo by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

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