In 2022 the governor seat in South Carolina will be up for grabs. Incumbent Republican Governor Henry McMaster is looking to be re-elected to continue serving the state. Joe Cunningham, a former Democratic congressman is looking to take his spot. Joe Cunningham is running on a platform that pushes the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana within the state.

Cunningham’s plan to change legalization in South Carolina is looking to solve multiple key problems within the state. In an interview with the Associated Press, Cunningham told the reporters that legalization will free up police resources to focus on more urgent matters. Legalization will also generate millions in income tax to use for state resources.

Part of Cunningham’s plan includes expunging low-level marijuana-related crimes to help those who have run into problems relating to the law and marijuana.

The Associated Press also explains that getting a democratic governor elected in South Carolina is no easy feat. South Carolina has not had a democratic governor in over two decades. On top of this, republicans hold a supermajority in both legislative chambers in South Carolina, making any democratic legislation hard to pass.

Mark Keel, a State Law Enforcement Division Chief, said in a debate that he is strongly against the legalization of marijuana in the state since it is still illegal federally. The good news is, Chuck Schumer and other democrats announced on Wednesday a plan to federally decriminalize marijuana. If marijuana is legalized federally, who knows what doors that would open for states looking to legalize.

Read the whole AP article here.

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