Buried between the Quebec government’s $300M threat to edibles/beverages and its bizarre opposition to extracts (which will be capped at 30%, effectively banning vape pens and hashish in the province) was an all-out ban on topical cannabis products.

Health Minister Lionel Carmant concluded, “The topical creams are usually a medicinal use, so we don’t think they should be sold at the SQDC.”

While the rest of Carmant’s regressive new rules on cannabis were at least framed as protecting children from accidental consumption, the ban on topicals seems designed to protect Quebeckers from being able to buy potentially helpful medical products in the SQDC.


No Candy for Québec! Province Proposes Ban on Sale of Infused Sweets

Noting the topicals ban was out of keeping with the remainder of the CAQ’s mandate to protect children, Santé Cannabis Co-founder Erin Prosk said, “Likely the existence of topical products conflicts with their mandate that cannabis is a harmful drug and people who buy them just want to be high.”


Brushing Off Objections, Quebec to Raise Minimum Age, Ban Public Consumption

Patients have assailed the ban as well, saying it was made without patient consultation.
The new rules are subject to an ongoing 45-day public consultation period.

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