Despite its legal status, cannabis in Canada can still feel very closeted.

For consumers faced with fully obstructed storefronts, pre-packaged bud in opaque containers, and regional restrictions on public consumption, regulations have done their best to keep cannabis out of the public eye.

In an effort to demystify the plant while also channeling some of our favourite—and stoner-friendly—slow TV programs (like the now-defunct Donair Cam, the Swiss Chalet rotisserie channel, and that all-time fave Netflix fireplace), we’ve launched our own live-streaming grow cam to follow along from seed to flower.

Teaming up with the plant specialists at Toronto’s Dynasty Cannabis, Leafly Canada’s Grow Cam will provide 24-hour coverage that promises to be as exciting as watching paint dry or a kettle boil. And that’s the point: it’s just a plant.


5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis

Dynasty Cannabis, a cannabis-themed concept space located at 1086 Queen St. W. in Toronto, made its debut in May as a pop-up pot shop that dispenses growing kits and educational resources about home growing.

Dynasty CannabisJesse Milns/Leafly

“​Our goal at Dynasty is to highlight the amazing aspects of the cannabis plant’s unique qualities,” said Michael Leach, founder and creative director of Dynasty Toronto and Dynasty Cannabis. “We are thrilled to help bring the Leafly Grow Cam to life, enabling this amazing plant to grow right before your eyes.”

The Dynasty team will nurture the plant as it flourishes so stay tuned while we grow!


Stages of the Cannabis Plant Growth Cycle

Week 1:

In advance of the Leafly Grow Cam going live, we picked up Tweed’s Bakerstreet seeds from a licensed cannabis retailer. We selected this strain because it’s an indica, a cultivar known for its short, bushy stature and wide leaves that we’re hoping will take up less space in our indoor grow.

We then started by germinating the seed in wet paper towel before potting it in soil. In the week ahead, we expect to see the seedling develop and blades to form on the new growth.

Check back weekly as we update the plant status as it grows.

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