Hearing addressed policies and reporting by the Administration of Children’s Services, which have led to unnecessary family separations, and unfairly impacted and further stigmatized parents of color for use or possession of marijuana

New York, N.Y. – Below is a statement from Melissa Moore, Deputy Director for New York at the Drug Policy Alliance, following her testimony at a hearing with the Council’s Committee on General Welfare today:

“The Drug Policy Alliance recognizes the importance of clearly documenting the full scope of harm that results from marijuana policy and broader drug policy that disproportionately criminalizes Black and Latinx families. It is imperative that City Council implement legislation that will hold ACS accountable for their practices — and addresses the lack of comprehensive reporting structure — that has resulted in the over-targeting of economically insecure parents and parents of color. We look forward to the City Council passing this vital reform that challenges the extreme racial disparities that for far too long have stemmed from prohibition and criminalization.”

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